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HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Your HVAC system is what keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. An HVAC system is a big investment. It is therefore critical to take proper care of your Air Conditioner system — especially if you don’t want to end up sweltering without air conditioning in the muggy Gulfport, MS summers! What, exactly, does proper HVAC system maintenance entail? Let’s take a look.

Get a tune-up. It is a wise idea to have a qualified Heating Contractor take a look at your HVAC system every spring and fall to make sure it is in good working order before you need to power on the air conditioner for the summer or crank up the heat for the winter. A bit of preventive maintenance can significantly prolong the life of your system.

Check the thermostat settings. In order to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, it is a wise idea to ensure that your thermostat settings are set appropriately. For example, make sure you have automatically programed your thermostat to turn the heat/air down during the weekdays while you are away at work. And when you get the aforementioned season tune-up, make sure that the HVAC Contractor checks that the system is actually operating as programmed.

Change your filters regularly. In order to keep your Gulfport, Mississippi, HVAC system in tip-top shape, it is critical to change your filters regularly. When filters are clogged with dust and debris, they can’t circulate air as efficiently, which forces them to work harder and can shorten their lifespan. Ideally, you will want to change your filters once every one to three months, depending on where you live and how frequently you use your HVAC system.

Make sure the system is clean. It is critical to ensure that your system is clean, especially the indoor and outdoor coils. Make sure to clean any leaves, dirt, or other debris from the outdoor units coil. Plants and shrubs should not be planted right next to the outdoor unit.

Always address problems ASAP. If you notice a problem, such as any strange odors, with any part of your home’s HVAC system, such as your air conditioner or furnace, it is critical that you address the problem immediately. Waiting too long could lead to expensive repairs. Call to get Gulf Coast Heating and Cooling L.L.C. to check out the problem. Even if you just suspect that your system is operating totally efficiently, it is probably good to get a qualified Air Conditioning Repair Service professional out to take a look at the system.



The scenic seaside city of Gulfport, MS is the second largest in the state and home to more than 71,000 residents. With a subtropical climate featuring long, hot summers and temperate, mild winters, it is a wonderful place to live and work year-round.

Gulfport sits right on the Gulf of Mexico and is fronted by seven miles of pristine white sand beaches. As a cultural hotspot, it is home to a number of exciting annual events including Smokin’ the Sound speedboat races and the World’s Largest Fishing Rodeo.

Gulfport offers numerous fun activities for residents and visitors. Gamblers can visit the Island View Casino. Those who want to get out on the water can charter a cruise with one of the city’s many excursion boats. Additionally, Gulfport is home to several museums, including the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, the Mississippi Coast Model Railroad Museum, the Busted Wrench Garage Museum, and the Gulfport Galleria of Fine Art.

Marine life lovers will want to visit the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies to learn about dolphins and sea turtles.Gulfport was devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which nearly destroyed the city over the course of a single day. Now, visiting Gulfport, you’ll be amazed at the swift recovery the city has made. Today, it remains one of the gems of the Gulf Coast region!


Beautiful Biloxi was once the third largest city in Mississippi following Jackson and Gulfport. Hurricane Katrina took a toll on the city’s population in 2005, so it now ranks fifth with around 44,578 inhabitants. With a mild subtropical climate and temperate winters, it is a lovely place to live and work or visit at any time of the year. Since Katrina, the city has made a strong recovery, testament to how much residents love this seaside jewel.

What can you see and do in Biloxi? Biloxi, like Gulfport, features beautiful beaches. Many visitors and residents enjoy taking the boat to Ship Island. Ship Island’s sands are picturesque, and you can watch dolphins while you are on the ferry ride. Biloxi is also a popular town for gamblers, who can play at a number of different casinos, including the Beau Rivage Casino, New Palace Casino Point Cadet, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi, and IP Casino Resort. Museums in Biloxi include Beauvoir, the Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum, and Ohr-O’Keefe Museum. Fishing charters and sightseeing cruises are available for those who want to get out on the sparkling waves and see Biloxi from the water.

No matter what kind of activities you enjoy, Biloxi is a wonderful place to visit or live. With so much culture and so many fun and exciting outdoor activities, it is easy to see why residents stuck it out here to rebuild even after the devastation of Katrina. Now, Biloxi is back to booming!

Long Beach

Long Beach is one of the smaller cities located in the Gulf Coast area of Mississippi with a population of around 14,792. While it has been slower to recover from the damages of Katrina than some of its larger neighbors, residents are beginning slowly to return to the area. Long Beach is a college town; where the Gulf Park College was located before is now a branch of the University of Southern Mississippi.

This campus is home to the famous Friendship Oak, the most recognizable landmark in the town. The Friendship Oak was planted in 1487, and is a favorite destination for tourists. Many weddings have been conducted under the shade of its lofty branches.

What else can you do while in Long Beach? Several companies offer fishing charters and scenic cruises, and of course there are plenty of other fun outdoor activities you can do on the beaches and in the waves. Long Beach also has a happening nightlife with bars and clubs. For those who enjoy miniature golf, Plantation Pines is a lovely course.

Even though Long Beach is a bit more “off the beaten path” than Gulfport or Biloxi, it is a great destination to visit while you are in Mississippi. And if you live here, you know that the slow economic recovery is gradually outpacing the damage left behind in the wake of Katrina. Long Beach, MS is getting back on its feet, and is on the path to a bright future.

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