3 Important Tips for Homeowners Regarding HVAC Maintenance Biloxi MS

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Change your Air Filter regularly!
This can not be stressed enough and is a common reason for a service call. Dirty/clogged air filters can cause several issues with your heating and cooling system. Yet it’s one of the easiest things to do to keep your system running properly. Mark your Calendar to help remind you when it’s time to replace the air filter.

Dirty air filters cause: airflow issues, evaporator coils to ice up, shorten the life of the blower motor, increased energy costs, etc.

Keep your Outdoor Unit Unobstructed

When cutting grass, cut the AC unit off. This will keep the grass clippings from getting sucked into the coil and clogging it. The coil needs to be clean as possible to efficiently move air through it. Also use caution when using a weed trimmer near by not to cut the low voltage control wire going to the outdoor unit.

A lot of Homeowners like to plant bushes/shrubs around their outdoor units to block the view of them. There’s nothing wrong with this as long as you leave at least 18-24 inches around every side. Not only will the plants grow into the side of the unit, causing damage to the coil fins but this also reduces the efficiency of the amount of airflow that can be drawn through the coil.
Plus your Technician will thank you next time for allowing him some room to work on the outdoor unit.

Maintenance Agreement

Invest in one because there is only so much you as a Homeowner can do yourself to maintain your heating and cooling system. The heating and cooling system is one of the most expensive investments you can make in your home. It’s also the most energy consuming appliance.

HVAC Maintenance agreements usually pay for themselves with the benefits they provide like:
Reduced energy costs, prolonged life of equipment, fewer breakdowns, more efficient operation and discounts on repairs.

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