Ductless Air Conditioners

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ductless air conditioner gulfport msAlso known as Mini Split Air Conditioners.
So what exactly is a ductless mini split air conditioner? These systems operate like regular split systems in that they have an indoor unit and outdoor unit. The biggest difference is these ductless air conditioning systems operate without any ductwork. Plus they hang on the wall or can be mounted from the ceiling. Making the ductless split air conditioner a great option if you don’t have existing ductwork or short on space to add ductwork.

These mini split air conditioning units come in two options:

Mini Split AC– only provides cooling
Mini Split Heat Pump– provides heating and cooling

The ductless air conditioner systems are normally easier and quicker to install than the traditional HVAC split systems. These systems are very efficient as there’s no ductwork to leak air or unit/ductwork placed in the hot attic.

trane ductless mini split air conditioner gulfport ms

Ductless Air Conditioner Maintenance

The indoor unit on the wall will need to have regular maintenance done as the coil, blower wheel and drain line will get dirty or clogged. You will notice when the blower wheel gets dirty as it will blow out pieces of dark built up debris on the floor. You will also notice a decrease in the air flow it puts out. The coil can be seen when you remove the filters. A dirty coil will also cause decreased air flow and can cause the coil to freeze up and form ice. A clogged drain line will be present when you see a trail of water running down the wall or water dripping from one of the corners of the unit.

There are several different brands that manufacture these ductless air conditioners such as:

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