Heating & Air Conditioning Cost 2016

The heating and air conditioning system is usually one of the most expensive items to replace in your MS Gulf Coast home. This is why you shouldn’t take making decisions lightly when it comes to your system, whether it be maintenance or time to replace equipment. You should do research in advance to find the best qualified HVAC company in Gulfport MS to service your system long term. Like how you find a medical doctor you like and have stuck with for years.

Not all HVAC Contractors are created equal when it comes to customer service and quality of work. Choosing a Contractor based solely on lowest price will eventually cost you. Remember not only is this one of the most expensive systems to replace but it effects your finances every month. You have energy/utility bills every month and you want the system operating at it’s highest efficiency possible. Short-cuts or incorrect workmanship can cost you money for months, even years afterward.

Heating & Air Conditioning Prices

The following is a list of price ranges for different heating and air conditioning repair or replacement items (no new construction prices). These ranges are within what a legitimate insured HVAC company would charge. Of course the prices depend on the size, brand, SEER and location of the unit being installed. Also the averages we used were 2.5-3 ton in size, 14 SEER, mid priced brand and easy equipment location.

Air Conditioner installed $2000-$3000

Air Conditioner & Evaporator Coil installed $2500-$4000

Air Conditioner, Evaporator Coil & Gas Furnace installed $4000-$6000

Air Conditioner & Air Handler (w/heat kit) installed $3500-$4500

Evaporator Coil installed $1000-$1800

Gas Furnace installed $1400-$2400

Heat Pump (condenser) installed $2500-$3500

Heat Pump & Air Handler (w/heat kit) installed $4000-$5000

Air Handler (w/heat kit) installed $1500-$2500

Again these prices are just averages to give you a ballpark figure to begin your research. Price should not be the determining factor alone. Look for the following qualities in a great HVAC business like Gulf Coast Heating and Cooling:

1. Legitimate Business and Insured

2. Has a presence online

3. Good online reviews (Yelp,Google,Facebook)

4. Answers their phone/easy to reach

5. Stands behind their work

6. Honors manufacturer warranties

7. Keeps scheduled visits and shows up on-time

8. Offers competitive pricing on quality products

9. Values your time

10. Respects you and your property