How much does air conditioner repair cost?

If your air conditioner just quit working or is only blowing hot air you may be asking yourself this question right now. The average cost will depend on several factors such as the size, brand and issue. It’s important to note that regular maintenance reduces costly breakdowns.

Service Call

The first cost you will incur is a Service Call fee. These usually range anywhere from $65-$85 during normal business hours. After hours and emergency calls cost even more. A company’s service call fee will depend on their overhead and expenses. Be extra careful of companies offering dirt cheap prices, there’s usually a reason why they’re that cheap.

Below we’ll list some of the most common repair issues we find with air conditioners here on the MS Gulf Coast.

Air Conditioner Repair Cost

air conditioner capacitor gulfport ms1. Bad Dual Capacitor on the A/C. These run both the condenser fan and compressor outside. The fan, compressor or common terminal can go bad. Meaning the fan could be turning but the compressor isn’t running or the fan isn’t running but the compressor is or neither will run. The price range to replace a common size capacitor is $100-$200.

condenser fan motor gulfport ms2. Condenser Fan Motor replacement $300-$500. Most of the time a universal motor can be used and is common truck stock.

A/C contactor gulfport ms3. Contactor-single or double pole $100-$200. After years of wear the contacts tend to get pitted causing power not to pass correctly or to stick causing air conditioner to run constantly.

4. Refrigerant leaks $250-$2500. Refrigerant leaks can happen anywhere within the system. One of the most common and expensive places to leak is the evaporator coil. The evap coils in most cases would need to be replaced as future leaks could appear at any time. A braze joint in a copper line would be one of the cheaper and easier places to repair. One sign that may let you know you have a leak is an iced up coil.

dirty evap coil gulfport ms5. Dirty Evaporator coil causing low air flow $200-$500 depending on extent of dirt buildup, size and location of coil. If the coil isn’t too bad and doesn’t have years of built up dirt it can be cleaned in-place, which is the fastest and cheapest route. For coils that have major buildup, they need to be removed from the unit and taken outside to be clean thoroughly and properly, which can take a few hours to complete.

This is the MOST neglected maintenance task. Dirty coils are less efficient in cooling, cost you more on your utility bill, cause premature blower motor failure and can ice up the indoor coil.

Air Conditioner Repair
Air Conditioner Repair
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Air Conditioner repair cost for the most common issues on the MS Gulf Coast.