Portable Air Conditioner Reviews Gulfport MS

When the heat hits, it’s absolutely miserable to be stuck indoors without an air conditioning unit. Oftentimes fans serve only to blow around hot arid wind around a small space, yet lack the power or the ability to actually cool anything. Fortunately for those looking to find relief from the oppressing heat, a portable air conditioner is the ideal solution. Find portable air conditioner reviews below.

Air conditioning for residential homes come in three main types: portable, window, or central. Portable units are ideal for those who need a specific space cooled that is not receiving air from another source. They could also be used in lieu of window units or central cooling units as the other two are far more expensive and are not feasible in many rental properties, condos, and other types of residential buildings.

Even for individuals who have a window unit or a central cooling unit, oftentimes a portable air conditioner is preferred due to its ease of use, spot cooling, and energy efficiency. Even those who travel in RV’s and trailers turn towards a portable unit instead as they often are initially equipped with a poor or non-existent cooling unit.

Getting the right sized air conditioning unit

People generally think of a portable air conditioning unit as being far less effective than a larger option; however that’s truly how you look at it. A larger unit can generally cool an entire house, yet due to the way portable units work, they also act as a dehumidifier which is fantastic for individuals suffering from allergies. For those looking to purchase a portable air conditioner and want it to be as efficient as possible, consider the room sizes and BTU’s required to cool it:

•Small – a small room up to around 300 square feet can use a portable AC with a power output between 7-10k BTUs.

•Medium – a larger bedroom, living room, or even sun room up to 700 square feet can use a portable AC unit with about 11-14k BTU output.

•Large – there are larger spaces such as larger conference rooms, office spaces, and even special event buildings that can be cooled by a portable AC unit however these require a commercial grade unit capable of handling square footages larger than 750 feet.

Choosing the right portable AC Model

Once you’ve decided you have a need for a portable unit, and the size you would like, it’s important to make sure that you then select the appropriate unit. Various factors such as the amount of noise they make, the various display and features provided, and the airflow and cooling capabilities are all essential to ensuring that you are 100% pleased with the unit once it is in operation. Check out the three various portable air conditioning units below to learn more about them!

The Honeywell MN10CESWW 10k BTU portable air conditioner

Honeywell MN10CESWW 10k BTU portable air conditioner review

Available in either black or white, this particular portable AC unit is very powerful and can handle bedrooms, offices, and medium sized living rooms. It has three various speeds yet operates at a maximum of just 55 dbA. Like most portable AC units, this Honeywell model also doubles as a dehumidifier and also features an auto evaporation option should it be needed.

For those who wish to use the auto-evaporation feature, a hose is provided that will allow it to easily install into almost any window for venting. This means that, in combination with a twenty-four hour energy saving programmable timer, you can literally set this unit down and forget it’s even there!


Five year warranty – an extended five year warranty allows you to spend your money on this unit knowing it is being invested into a quality piece!

Very quick cooling – if you have this in a smaller space around three hundred to four hundred square feet, you’ll find that this unit cools it in just around ten minutes! You’ll also feel miles better as it pulls the humidity out of the air and leaves you with fresh clean air instead.

So easy to install – there is no installation needed on this unit unless you set it to auto-evaporation. Then all you need to do is put the hose and attachment up to the window and that’s it!

Simple moving process – while there are no rollers on the bottom of this unit, it does feature a fairly light frame that you can pick up either by yourself or with a partner. Simply make sure to empty out any water collected and you’ll be ready to transport it to any location needed.

Extra quiet – some lower quality units operate very noisily, especially as they collect more moisture in their units. This Honeywell, on the other hand, is incredibly quiet and is safe to operate even in the room of the lightest of sleepers!

Easy to program – the LED display is easy to read and intuitive to use, while the remote makes for convenience regardless of where you are at in the room. Either set it to a program or run it manually until the room drops in temperature to your liking.


Filter cleaning – for those in dusty houses or locations, it is essential that you make sure to clean the filter out regularly. The instructions say every two weeks and, while this may seem excessive, it performs optimally if you do so.

Overall Opinion

All in all this Honeywell MN10CESWW 10k BTU portable air conditioner is an excellent option for small to medium sized spaces. It features almost everything you could want from a portable unit including great controls, intuitive use, automatic settings, and quiet operation.

The Whynter 14k BTU Dual Hose Portable AC

Whynter 14k BTU Dual Hose Portable AC review

Sleek and sophisticated, this platinum and black portable AC unit will keep a medium sized space up to seven hundred square feet icy cool. Its eco-friendly operation ensures that your electricity bill won’t take a hit each month it’s in use; while it’s 14k BTU output enables you to enjoy temperatures between 61°F – 89°F. Not only does this particular unit from Whynter feature four different operational modes, a full twenty-four hour programmable setting, and a dual hose venting system for improved airflow, it also features the capacity to dehumidify the room allowing for spaces up to seven hundred square feet to enjoy exceptionally cool and crisp air within minutes of the machine turning on.


Useful modes – this unit can operate as an AC unit and cool the air, as a dehumidifier, or as simply a fan. You can turn on all modes at once or choose each individually to control exactly how you want the space to be regulated.

Easy transport – as this is a slightly bigger unit it has been outfitted with four casters. This enables you to set it in one room, and then disconnect it and wheel it to the next without having to find someone to assist you in any way with transportation.

Great design – many portable AC units are unsightly and can throw off the feel of a room; however this Whynter model features a very sleek and attractive look that would fit into almost any home décor.

Dual hoses – there are two separate hoses allowing for intake and exhaust. This is somewhat more unsightly to hook it up to your window if you choose to have it on the function that exhausts the air, but it does the job phenomenally. You can always remove the water collection instead if you’d rather have it as a standalone unit without any connections except the power cable.


One of the biggest flaws about the Whynter 14k BTU Dual Hose Portable AC is also a very minor one in that it is lacking the sealing tape for the window mount. This is a very little issue and can be obnoxious for anyone who first purchases the machine and expects to use it right away hooked up to their room. Fortunately, sealing foam that will work for this window mount is less than $3 and can be found at most hardware stores and general stores. Once the window mount is properly secured, you can then enjoy the dual exhaust properly set up and the air conditioning unit running as intended.

Overall Opinion

When it comes to choosing the right portable AC unit it’s important to really consider your lifestyle and your home. This unit is great in that it looks very nice when in almost any setting, and it works as it should. A slight annoyance with the window mounting accessories which, for the price, shouldn’t exist, but it’s a minor fix. Regardless of the one minor flaw, this unit seems to be exceptionally well designed and is therefore highly recommended!

Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell MN12CES 12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner review

Featuring a power output of twelve thousand BTU’s and the capability to dehumidify up to almost eighty pints of moisture a day, the Honeywell MN12CES portable AC is a unit not to be reckoned with.

At first glance, you’re immediately taken aback and you find yourself wondering if it truly even is an air conditioner or not. The sleek black frame with silver accents on the sides and top make it look incredibly modern, while the air output vents at the front are small and hidden yet allow for an incredible amount of cool air flow. The unit is also available in white or all black, allowing you to choose a model that suits your home best.

Once set up, you’ll be able to make the most of this powerful air conditioning unit. It’s remote control enables you to activate it from anywhere in the room, while the three different speeds, automatic timer, and quiet operation make it far more superior than most other AC units in its price range.


Very quiet – operating at less than 53 dbA, this particular portable air conditioner is an excellent option for light sleepers, infants, and areas where noise can be a nuisance.

Excellent for smaller spaces – ideal for a room around four hundred feet, this particular air conditioner will cool down an office, small bedroom, or even a smaller living room in no time thanks to its powerful output and unique air flow system.

Dehumidifier – capable of removing 2.9 pints of moisture per hour, this air conditioner is the ultimate multipurpose machine for your home and is essential for the reduction of allergens and pollutants in the air.

Quite small – the overall size of this unit is around that of a mini fridge (around twenty-eight inches high), but not nearly as deep. This makes it easy to put anywhere within the room even under a table and it will still cool everything.


Mounting – if you have traditional windows which are not very high off the ground, then you’ll enjoy easily being able to mount this up and set it off running. Unfortunately for those with higher windows, the pipes are not as long which can be a pain especially when the mounting accessories don’t work right. Fortunately this unit does not need the external exhaust pipes to be attached to the window for it to actually work!

Louder top speed – the normal operation mode on this machine is very quiet, you can hardly notice it working; however when you kick it up to full power then be prepared to turn the TV up substantially to hear it. It’s nice if you want to quickly cool the room down because you can turn the power off later and relax, but this unit has a louder top speed operation.

Overall Opinion

For just over five hundred this sleek and sexy little air conditioning unit is not only portable, but highly efficient. Provided you don’t have high windows, you’ll find that this unit is an exceptional value for the price and will effectively cool down much larger rooms than it claims!