Rheem Gas Furnace and Efficiency Gulfport MS

Rheem Gas Furnace

Rheem gas furnaces

are known for their efficiency and are some of the highest rated furnaces throughout the industry. Many of Rheem gas furnaces have ratings as high as 96% AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) which is approximately 20% higher than the government’s minimum established rate. Government approved gas furnaces must have a minimum of 78% AFUE and you’ll find the majority of Rheem gas furnaces start with a minimum of 80% AFUE. As Rheem gas furnaces are high efficiency heating systems, they are often in demand and make a wonderful energy choice for any Gulfport, MS home.

In addition to efficiency, many Rheem furnaces are well revered for their quietness. There may be nothing more annoying than having a loud or noisy heating system that continually buzzes or hums. Rheem is known for using the latest technological advances to make certain that your furnace not only saves money by providing more output which in turn, reduces the amount spent on energy, but also ensures you have a quiet, pleasant heating experience.

As modern heating systems, such as Rheem gas furnaces, can have more than 90% efficiency, it is imperative to determine whether or not your current system is providing you with optimum benefits. Many older systems may operate at less than 70% efficiency and some are in the 50% range, making the need for an update imperative. An inefficient heating system not only leaves your home uncomfortable or with uneven heating, but costs more as well. Those operating on 50-70% efficiency may install other modes of heating to compensate for the difference, such as adding electric, portable heaters to certain rooms. This proves to be an expensive alternative and one that can easily be avoided by replacing outdated heating systems with more efficient models such as a Rheem gas furnace.

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