What is a SEER rating? Biloxi MS

What is a SEER rating?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. This is how the efficiency of air conditioners are rated and was established by the AHRI.

The SEER rating of an air conditioner is the cooling output during a typical cooling season divided by the total electric energy input during the same period. The higher the unit’s SEER rating the more energy efficient it is. The SEER is the ratio of cooling in British thermal unit (BTU) to the energy consumed in watt-hours.

Effective Jan 1st 2015 the U.S. Department of Energy has set new efficiency standards. The minimum SEER rating for the southeast is now 14 SEER. The north region can still use 13 SEER units.

See image below to see each region and corresponding SEER rating.
new seer ratings map